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YOGAbox class methods

power flow vinyasa

Power Yoga is designed to strengthen and tone your body, while Vinyasa Flow is designed to increase mobility and flexibility. In this class, the strength building postures of Power Yoga combined with the breath to movement flow of Vinyasa Yoga, work harmoniously to link your mental and physical state. Power Flow will leave you feeling strong, open, relaxed, and ready to face the day!


20 minutes of warming, opening the body, and building internal heat through preparatory postures and breath to movement flow. 30 minutes to target your strength and stability building power yoga practice. 10 minutes of cool-down postures to compliment and counter your full practice.



Yoga sculpt has a strong focus on strength and intensity. Sculpt combines hand weights, strength building and cardio, making this class unlike your typical yoga classes and more of a full body workout. However, what sets yoga sculpt apart from other intense workouts is that yoga sculpt, like all yoga classes, preserves the mental and meditative components of yoga.


10 minutes of warming and prepping the body for a strength training practice. 40 minutes of strength building exercises sequenced together to target all major muscle groups incorporating hand weights. 10 minutes of cool-down postures and stretches to compliment and restore your body from your practice.


Hot Yoga

HOT YB is our signature set sequence that is formulated to detoxify, strengthen, and tone the body. This class will help to deepen your practice through breath, core strength building, and flexibility training. Energize from within while practicing balance and mindfulness. Build endurance through long holds and creative transitions.


15 minutes of grounding, warming, and opening the body. 20 minutes of standing postures to build endurance with a focus on long holds to enhance strength and stability. 15 minutes of mat work to build heat within the core, focus on mobility of the spine, and stretch the front and backline of the body. 10 minutes of cool-down postures to compliment and counter your full practice.



Restorative yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and recovering your body through passive stretching. During the long holds of this restorative experience, your muscles are allowed to relax deeply allowing you to target tight connective tissue throughout your body, all while your mind is allowed space to reset and drop into a meditative state.


2-5 minutes of meditation to slow the mind and draw you into your practice. 50-55 minutes of grounded postures, each held anywhere between 2-5 minutes each to target the deep connective tissue throughout your body.


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