Power Yoga in San Diego

At our yoga studios in San Diego, Power Flow is focused on the strength-building postures of power yoga, designed to leave you feeling relaxed, open, and strong. Our Power yoga classes include 20 minutes of warming up to open the body and build internal heat using preparatory postures. The next 30 minutes builds your power yoga practice by targeting stability, endurance, and strength. Finish your class with ten minutes of cool-down postures to counter and complete your full Power Flow Yoga practice.

Your San Diego Power Yoga Studio

This form of power yoga is ideal for a wide range of yogis, from beginner to the advanced. Anyone who wants to focus on enhancing stamina, mental focus, flexibility, and posture can benefit from our Power Flow classes. Mixed in with a bit of Vinyasa, which increases mobility and flexibility, classes help you focus on your breath to movement flow so your body works harmoniously at an optimal physical and mental state.

Some of the benefits of Power Flow power yoga include:
Building strong bones and more defined, stronger muscles
Increased energy levels throughout the entire day
Strengthens the heart and lungs
Improves blood pressure control and cholesterol level
You can enjoy a higher quality of sleep at night
Helps control blood sugar levels

Reap the Benefits of Power Yoga at Yoga Box

The ideal environment for Power Flow practice is one that is relaxing and meditative; our Power Flow room is designed to minimize external distractions and focus on your practice as your stress melts away. Room temperature is set for 96-98 degrees fahrenheit. This fast-paced style of yoga requires mindfulness and focus, and is more dynamic than slower, more meditative yoga classes.

If you’re interested in yoga that provides excellent strength training along with a great cardio routine, Power Flow is just the thing. As you work through this cardio yoga workout, you’ll burn more calories and keep burning them long after you leave our yoga studio, thanks to the improved strength and muscle tone you’ll develop. Power yoga classes in San Diego are excellent for increasing lean muscle mass and boosting metabolism, in addition to the dozens of other benefits your body will love! Want to try it out? Sign up for three free classes with Yoga Box at one of our locations today!

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