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Restorative Yoga in Pacific Beach

Restorative yoga, also known as recovery yoga, is centered around the concept of slowing down and aiding the body in its recovery through passive, meaningful stretching. Poses are held for long durations, allowing your muscles to relax; tight connective tissues are targeted while your mind rests and resets in a meditative state.

San Diego Restorative Yoga Classes

Restorative yoga classes at Yoga Box begin with up to five minutes of meditation to draw the mind into your practice. Following are 50-55 minutes of focused, grounded postures that are held from two-five minutes each. The ultimate goal is complete physical, emotional, and mental relaxation, and props can be used during poses to completely support your body as it restores itself.

Aid Your Recovery with Yoga in SD at Yoga Box

Postures during restorative yoga are resting poses to condition us to cultivate and hone our relaxation skills without pain or strain. This type of yoga is ideal for those who are recovering from illnesses or injuries; however, anyone of any skill or fitness level can benefit from restorative yoga. It’s an overwhelmingly popular choice for beginners all the way through the most advanced students who aim to balance stressful and hectic lives outside of the yoga studio.

The benefits of restorative yoga poses are extensive and include:

Our San Diego Restorative Yoga Studios

The focus of restorative yoga is not on strengthening or cardio, but instead on releasing. It’s healing through simply being still. Students of restorative yoga find healing on a physical, mental, and emotional level that is achieved by releasing tension in the muscles and stimulating the organs by holding poses designed for comfort and support. Sign up today to try 3 free yoga classes in San Diego at one of our six area locations!

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