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Yoga Box believes in practice over perfection. Sign up for a yoga class in Phoenix to increase your body movement, detox, work up a sweat, build your health, and deepen your practice in our heated, lighted state-of-the art yoga studio. We strive to provide a safe, soothing learning environment for all our guests. Use the space to get in touch with your body as you master the art of balance and improve your strength. Our team of certified Phoenix yoga instructors will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Welcome to Yoga Box – Your New Home for Yoga in Phoenix

Yoga Box Arcadia is our first location in the Phoenix area. Sitting on the border of Biltmore and Arcadia, founders Amanda and Billy set out to create a radically inclusive environment that challenges and transforms any level of yoga practice. Blend the power of Vinyasa, Yoga Sculpting, and Recovery Restorative Yoga or explore Amanda Leach’s “Yoga Box” Method.

We incorporate different styles and techniques into our yoga classes to help you make the most of your time on the mat. Each pose is designed to help you strengthen your core as you let go of stress and anxiety. Whether you’ve mastered every pose in the book or trying yoga for the first time, you will find a home at Yoga Box. Our instructors specialize in working with all experience levels and ages to give you the support you need to transform your body and mind.

Sign up for a yoga class at our Phoenix location to start reaping the rewards of this ancient practice today!

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