Power Yoga Sessions in Phoenix

Power yoga is focused on building strength and is also designed to relax, open, and fortify your body and mind. Yoga Box offers power yoga classes in Arcadia that include 20 minutes of warming up, 30 minutes of building power to promote endurance, strength, and stability, and then ten minutes of cooling down with postures to counter and complete your practice.

Arcadia Power Yoga Classes

Taking these classes is ideal for everyone from beginners to the advanced yogi. Anyone who wants to improve mental focus, flexibility, posture, and stamina will benefit from our power yoga classes. Our Power Flow Vinyasa classes offer a unique way to blend power yoga and Vinyasa yoga to create the opportunity to increase mobility and flexibility as you focus on your breath to movement flow. Your body will work harmoniously at its optimal physical and mental capacity.

The Benefits of Power Yoga

Building strong bones and more defined, stronger muscles

Increased energy levels throughout the entire day
Strengthens the heart and lungs
Improves blood pressure control and cholesterol level
You can enjoy a higher quality of sleep at night
Helps control blood sugar levels

The environment of our power yoga classroom is meditative and relaxing. Designed to minimize distractions so you can focus on your practice, you’ll find stress melting away as your strength improves. The room is heated to 96-98 degrees to encourage calorie burning and muscle flexibility. It also encourages sweating and more breathing, both of which aid in your body’s ability to detoxify itself.

If you’re interested in what power yoga classes in Phoenix at Yoga Box have to offer, start by signing up for three free classes with us!


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