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Yoga Box believes in practice over perfection. Increase your movement, detox your body, sweat, build your health, and deepen your way in our heated, lighted-room environment.

The Denver neighborhood in the 80211 is our first location in Denver. Amanda and Billy grew up in Denver and are excited to return home and bring this radically inclusive environment that challenges and transforms any level of yoga practice.

Why our Denver Yoga Practice

The benefits of yoga are indisputable; from improving heart health, easing back pain, and making stress more manageable to increasing strength, flexibility and balance, our yoga classes in Denver will transform your life.

Yoga Box is the best yoga studio in Denver, hands down! While encouraging and supporting your personal yoga goals and connecting you with a supportive community, our professional staff is the ideal answer to the all-important question: “Where is the best yoga studio near me?” Come and see for yourself and try three free classes.

Yoga in Denver Park, Denver at Yoga Box

Blend the power of Vinyasa, yoga sculpting, and recovery/restorative yoga using Amanda Burns’ “Yoga Box” Method. Increase mobility and flexibility as you strengthen and tone your body, linking your mental and physical state in idyllic balance. Whether you’re interested in hot yoga in Denver, power yoga in Denver, or restorative yoga in the Denver, each yoga class in Denver Park at Yoga Box will inspire you to work toward achieving a higher level of practice.

Experience the benefits of Yoga in Denver, Denver that Yoga Box offers. Our consistent yoga experience is unique; we’ve perfected full mind and body programs from which yogis of all ability levels can benefit. We offer new members a 3-day free trial that can be used within 7 days, so what have you got to lose? Sign up today for the best yoga classes in the Denver Area at Yoga Box in Denver Park.

Yoga Box Denver

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