Restorative Yoga in Denver

Restorative yoga is a very popular form of practice – and for good reason! Also commonly referred to as “recovery yoga”, it’s focused on slowing the body down and aiding it in recovery – whether it’s recovery from an illness or injury. It’s also very beneficial for those who suffer from tight connective muscle tissue and tense muscles as a result of high day-to-day stress levels.

Denver Restorative Yoga Classes

At Yoga Box, our restorative yoga sessions are designed to help your body through meaningful, passive stretching. Postures are held for longer durations, sometimes anywhere from two to five minutes. This allows your muscles to relax, easing those tight connective tissues and allowing your mind to rest and reset.

The Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury or not, you’ll reap many benefits from a solid practice in restorative yoga. Some of those benefits include:

Acceleration of repairs to injured parts of the body
Better, higher quality sleep
Promotion of overall physical and mental stability and balance
Enhanced and more stable emotions
Restorative yoga is safe during pregnancy
Helps to reset physical and mental clarity and focus

Restorative yoga practice does not center around building strength or sweating it out with intense cardio activity; instead, it focuses on releasing. We focus on releasing so we can heal the body through being still. Holding postures for long periods of time that support and comfort help students release tension, increase endurance, tone muscles, and stimulate the organs, as well.

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