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Yoga Box Sculpt

HIIT Training

Traditional Sculpt

Mat Pilates

Yoga sculpt has a strong focus on strength and intensity. Sculpt combines hand weights, strength building and cardio, making this class unlike your typical yoga classes and more of a full body workout. However, what sets yoga sculpt apart from other intense workouts is that yoga sculpt, like all yoga classes, preserves the mental and meditative components of yoga.




Challenging Workout

Most studios offer a basic and repetitive practice. Yoga Box sequences each class and focuses on different movements to deepen and challenge your workout. The addition of weights takes movements to the next level.

Reduce Fatigue

HIIT programs usually leave you
fatigued and burnt out quickly, our heated programming is lower impact with an average calorie burn of 896 per hour, leaving you worked out but not burnt out.

Mindfulness & Muscle

Center yourself and tone in this lighted environment that allows for a workout and a centering of spirit and soul connection. Mayo Clinic showed benefits of Yoga Sculpt in increasing happiness and building muscle mass and bone density.



Yoga Box offers a range of heated and non-heated climate controlled classes strategically set to warm and loosen muscles for a optimal yoga practice.

Sight and Sound

We pride ourselves on our state of the art surround sound and lighting systems that are designed to set the mood of the class and engage your practice deeper.


Besides extensive education and continued training in all levels and methods of Yoga, a minimum level of experience and hours to instruct our classes is required. We ethically pay all instructors.

San Diego

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