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Sculpt Yoga Classes in Denver, Colorado

Sculpt yoga focuses on strength and intensity, blending cardiovascular workouts with improving strength and using hand weights. The full body workout that sculpt yoga provides is just one feature that makes this practice one of the most popular with students of all ability levels. Unlike other types of non-yoga workouts, this practice preserves the mental and meditative components that bridge the body and mind to improve your overall health and well-being on an emotional, physical, and mental level.


Classes for sculpt yoga begin with 10 minutes to warm up – this prepares your body for the strength training ahead. Forty minutes of strength-building postures follow, which target major muscle groups. Finally, our sculpt yoga sessions wind down with ten minutes of cool-down postures and stretches to gently bring the body down and level out.

Classes are motivational and energetic, and music is beat-driven and high-tempo. The room is warmed to between 93 and 95 degrees to optimize the full potential of your body’s strength-building ability.


This type of practice is popular due to the many beneficial advantages it provides. Some of these include higher energy levels, increased bone density, improved cardiac function, weight control, increased lean muscle, enhanced mind and body focus, body detoxification, improved skin health, and more.

The intensity of each sculpt yoga class can be adjusted to fit your body’s potential – any practice is only as good as it is safe! Sculpt yoga is challenging and is designed to push you to the limit; the rewards for working at your best and working towards your goals are apparent as you improve your self-esteem, your sense of self-worth, and your mental and physical health.

Try three free sculpt yoga classes in Denver at Yoga Box! Sign up today – we look forward to meeting you.

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