Phoenix Sculpt Yoga Classes

Sculpt yoga is a type of practice that focuses on intensity and strength-building. It combines cardio, strength training, and hand weights to provide an optimal full-body workout during every session. Those who love sculpt yoga do so because it preserves the mental and meditative aspects of yoga as it bridges the mind and body together. This results in a higher level of emotional, mental, and physical health.

Yoga sculpt classes at Yoga Box begin with 10 minutes of warming up, preparing your body for strength training. You’ll then enjoy 40 minutes of exercises that target major muscle groups, using hand weights. Afterwards, you’ll feel great with 10 minutes of stretches and cool-down poses to restore and re-balance your body.

The setting for our sculpt yoga sessions is a room filled with upbeat music and energy-driven surroundings to motivate you to challenge yourself each and every time. Room temperature is elevated to around 95 degrees to optimize your body’s systems and abilities.

The list of benefits of sculpt yoga is impressive!

You’ll improve heart health, increase and improve circulation, burn calories as you burn fat and build lean muscle, your mind focus will improve, your overall energy will get a boost, your skin will improve, bone density will increase, and your body will better be able to flush toxins from it.

We know you’ll love our sculpt yoga classes in Arcadia! Our students have fun while they improve their self efficacy and they leave feeling accomplished, restored, and refreshed. The key to successful practice is intensity – which can be adjusted to maintain a safe, yet challenging workout session. Classes are meant to be challenging for every yogi, and the benefits are the rewards for practices that are done well!

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