Yoga Box Teacher Training

Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training
San Diego (Fall 2022)

Sculpt Teacher Training is designed to provide the opportunity for members of the Yoga Box community who have a passion for yoga and fitness and an interest in teaching (part or full-time) for Yoga Box by becoming a certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor. At Yoga Box, Yoga Sculpt has a strong focus on strength and intensity. Sculpt combines hand weights, strength building and cardio, making this class unlike your typical yoga classes and more of a full body workout. However, what sets yoga sculpt apart from other intense workouts is that yoga sculpt, like all yoga classes, preserves the mental and meditative components of yoga. Our Sculpt classes are a carefully targeted program. We focus on different major muscle groups throughout the week to ensure a balanced workout routine.

Training Details:

  • – 60 Hour Certification Program
  • – No prior experience or training required
  • – Completion of TT program required to audition to teach for Yoga Box
  • – Financial investment required (payment plans available upon request).