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Discover Yoga Sculpt
at Yoga Box

A Unique Blend of Strength and Serenity


At Yoga Box, our Yoga Sculpt classes elevate your fitness journey with a room heated to a perfect 92—95 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat helps deepen stretches and enhances calorie burn, making every session a powerful workout.

A Unique Blend of Strength and Serenity

Yoga Sculpt is more than just a yoga class; it’s a full-body workout designed to challenge and transform. Combining hand weights with high-intensity cardio bursts, our classes maintain the essence of traditional yoga poses while significantly enhancing muscle tone and cardiovascular health. Expect to engage in strength-building exercises carefully sequenced to target all major muscle groups, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive workout.

The Yogabox

What sets our Yoga Sculpt classes apart? It’s our targeted approach. Each class includes:

10 minutes of warm-up to prepare your body for strength training.

40 minutes of intense strength and cardio to sculpt and tone every part of your body, using hand weights to enhance muscle work.

10 minutes of cooldown  featuring yoga stretches that restore and relax your body after a vigorous workout.

We focus on major muscle groups throughout the week, ensuring that our members receive a balanced and varied fitness routine that keeps the body guessing and evolving.


Our classes are set to motivating, high-tempo music that fuels your workout and keeps you pumped from start to finish. It’s not just about the physical challenge. it’s about experiencing the joy and energy of pushing your limits in a supportive, upbeat environment.


Hear it from our members! They celebrate the challenging yet rewarding nature of our Sculpt classes, the expertise and encouragement of our instructors, and the flexibility of our scheduling, making it easy for anyone to fit a class into their busy lives.

Ready TO


If you’re considering Yoga Sculpt, remember that it’s suitable for those familiar with basic yoga postures and looking to add a dynamic physical challenge to their routine. We recommend hydrating well before class, bringing a towel, and choosing appropriate weights for your fitness level. It’s about challenging yourself safely and enjoying the fitness and personal growth journey.

Yoga Box is not just a studio; it's a community where every class is an opportunity to thrive and transform.

Join us and see why more yogis choose Yoga Box for their Sculpt classes over anywhere else.

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